Forest Products Group Trust

About Us


Approved by the State of Maine
Bureau of Insurance on January 1, 1993.

Today includes 17 companies statewide.

Key Priorities

  • Loss Prevention to Minimize Employee Injuries
  • Effective Claims Management
  • Return-to-Work


  • Support a Strong Loss Prevention Program that Protects Employees
  • Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs
  • Return Surplus Funds to Members


  • Exceptional Safety Programs have reduced costs 64% since program’s inception.
  • Refunds through March 2024 total $23,707,134
  • On average 29% of all the Member premiums paid since January 1993 have been returned.
  • Cumulative Loss Ratio through December 2023 is 46%.

Long term membership in the group will result in the lowest cost program over time. However, the true value of the group is more than just low premiums or refunds - it includes control over your program, partnership with leading Maine companies and access to top quality services.


As an owner/member, you will participate in claims management and have a voice in the process. You can also take advantage of the numerous loss control services, the education opportunities and the training programs the group provides. The group will work aggressively to help you prevent injuries and reduce costs.


The group takes a leadership role and consistently opposes costly Workers’ Comp legislation as it did during the 2019 effort to undermine the WC laws. The group actively participates and supports policy, legislation and education regarding foundational jobs in Maine. It works with the Maine Jobs Council and Alliance for Maine to improve Maine’s economy.


Members also have access to each other, sharing knowledge on safety, claims management, and anything else affecting the program, with everyone working together to improve the group
outcomes while supporting each other.


Benefits of the Maine State Workers’ Compensation Self Insurance Group Trust:

An association formed exclusively for the benefit of its members
  • Will reduce costs over the long term
  • Members earn interest on group funds
  • Excess revenues can be returned/refunded to members
  • Employer-controlled risk financing mechanism and potential cash flow benefits
  • Spread of risk and commonality of exposure = Long-term balance in contribution of losses by each account to group experience
Specialized and customized services:
  • Members typically implement more effective programs to prevent and control claims costs for the long term – claims management; safety and loss control programs; education and training
  • Increased accountability = Better managed safety programs and more efficient use of resources
  • Improved safety programs reduce both direct and indirect costs from injuries and lost time accidents
Control and participation:
  • Members working together to share knowledge and improve outcomes